What is up P

2 03 2008

Well it has been a while since last time I have written here, and there is no excuse for that, but the explenation is the following: I have been busy with several stuff. Amongst those there are the following:

Bambuser.com, check it out, the next generation of blogging..

The band Gerilja, right now considered one of the best live bands in Norway, touring around the country, you can follow their journey here: nrk.no/p3/urort.

And finally I am working on my exam project with the KaosPilot, I will write a children book ,update will follow.



Back to reality

14 01 2008

Vacation is over, no more jet-lag, welcome to Århus, Denmark, where the sun seems to have forgotten that we all work from 9-5.. Its weird to be back in Denmark and again be a student in front of a white board, on the other hand it is also nice to be told what to do once in a while !! If you want, you can follow my educational path the following month !!


An in the end

12 12 2007

Its closing up now, 3 more days and I am leaving Ozzie land. Its been a thrill, both educationally and personally, I have enjoyed every moment of it. Specially I have loved the water element of the stay, there is something very nice with oceans and beaches. Yesterday I even went to the water park, that was awsome as well, water is just holy.  Tomorrow I am heading of to Byron Bay, that is gonna be the end trip of my stay, which I am very much looking forward to, lucky me. On Saturday its hello Thailand, I have a ticket which gives me the opportunity to stay 5 days in Thailand, I am metting Mads and Mads, imagine that, around the world to meet friends. Expect pictures coming in a future not far away. I saw this commercial on a web-site the other day, it made me realize that after two months here, I just dont feel strong, I feel army strong!


10 12 2007

I went to the beach, it was the most amazing beach ever, with the smallest crowd ever. I just love the salt water and the waves, but back home the water is just too cold, and I know there are many many of my friends who just love it when the water is barely 18 degrees cod, and gladly jump into the ocean, but I the longer I am here the more insane does it seem to me. Why would you go through that torture??? I wish I could bring the water temprature with me back home..


Mr. P

10 12 2007


Traces of Scandinavia

10 12 2007

Lately I have seen many traces of Scandinavia around here, here are the two most obvious, and by the way the guy holding the T-shirt is Albin, he is from Stockholm and just when you think the world is big and dangerous, it turns out that he has worked with a friend of mine from the school Peter. Who could guess..


I feel good

5 12 2007

Have you ever seen the David Chappel show, and if yes the parts which includes Rick James? If not go and check it on YouTube. Rick James is the man behind “Superfreak”, the song latest used as the background song for the great dance performed in “Little Miss Sunshine”. In the show you get to know some of the more fun sides of Rick James, very different, but they are all told by the brother of Eddie Murphy, so you can not be sure if they are true or not. But if James Brown can feel so good on national TV, there is no doubt in my mind that Rick James also felt good.